Latest Pattern is Away

Wednesday, May 30, 2007
So I finished the object and pattern for my submission to the July issue of Black Purl Magazine - just emailed it off to L'Tanya a moment ago. Can I just say, I LOVE writing patterns out! I've been designing my own bags, hats, scarves, even the odd sweater now for a while, but never bothered to write down how I did anything. It's rather cool to actually see in print (even if just off my own printer) what I did. Usually I try to incorporate something interesting - usually a stitch pattern - if only to keep myself from going buggy with stockinette/garter all the time.

I've also finished a half-sized baby blanket, and will post the photo/pattern as soon as I manage to get a photo taken. In the meanwhile, here's a cropped teaser for the pattern I sent off to BPM. It was fun to knit - I did a lot of it while at MLA last week, and finished it up over the weekend. And, it used up 9oz of the yarn that is taking over my stash!


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