Knitting at MLA

Tuesday, May 22, 2007
So the reason it's been a while since I lasted posted is that I've been at the 2007 Medical Library Association (MLA) annual meeting. It's in Philadelphia this year, which is fun in theory. I've not gotten to do any sightseeing though, since I'm way too busy and have a cold to boot. There's a cool LYS around here somewhere that I'd love to see, but won't. So sad.

Can I just say, any hotel that doesn't offer free wireless somewhere in the building is not going to have me come back? In fact, I'll just say it now. Don't go to the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown. They make you pay $10/day for both wired in the room and wireless elsewhere. This is a ripoff! What the hell - I could stay at the Holiday Inn (cheaper!) across the street and have wireless in my room! Plus the desk is too high and has a skirt so I can't comfortably cross my legs! And the wine is like $9/glass in the bar! Not pleased!

I've been a bit bummed that there are fewer people KIPping at this conference than usual. My friend Dale is working on a sweater, but apparently not during sessions. I saw another girl working on something, don't know what or who. Julia is working on a baby blanket, but only in her room. Stef is working on lots of stuff, and usually sits next to me. I've so far gotten 3/4s done with a new sari silk project (pattern being submitted to Black Purl Magazine so I can't share), am 4 inches shy of done on baby blanket #2 for the spring, got a button sewn onto the bib, and finished the knitting for a felted cabled clutch. I think I'll block the clutch so I can sew it today, and then it'll be ready for the wash this weekend. My hands are starting to hurt with all the knitting!


  • Little Jezzie

    Hi, I just saw your pattern on May's Magknits...and I think it is such an AWESOME IDEA! I'm always trying to come up with clever ideas using interesting media, but I always fail. :) How on earth did you think of it?! Grocery bags! Genius!

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