International Tote Exchange IV

Monday, May 14, 2007

I'm all excited to join my first knitting exchange - the International Tote Exchange IV. Somehow I keep missing the deadlines to sign up for these things. I nearly missed this one (it's the 15th), but slid in under the wire.

And now to think about the bag I want to make for my secret pal... I suppose it depends on her likes/dislikes, but I have ideas for about three different ones simmering in my head. One is knit sideways with shortrows to make interestingly striped patterns, then felted. Another (also felted) has two layers - one tall pocket placed inside a short and wide main bag. A third uses sari silk (I have a lot of that stuff hanging out in the ol' stash). And then there's that soy/wool blend that I'd love to do some cabling with. Maybe I'll felt it too. Oh, and the green wool that I was going to do Celtic designs on and felt.

Wow, I do like to felt, don't I?

I suppose I could also make a twin Reduce Reuse Recycle bag, now that I've got that down pat! Ooh - maybe with a matching purse to go with it. That's a thought...

New pattern coming tomorrow. I have to find the hat and figure out how I made it before I can post the instructions. It's way cute, though!


  • Clare

    I too am in the exchange and am excited as its my first go at something like this, shall be fun! Good luck and will look forward to reading your site.

  • Clare

    Also Summer of Socks 2007 is beginning if you are a sock knitter.

  • KT

    Hi Clare! I guess it's like having a pen pal, only you're fairly sure the person will actually send you something by the end of the summer... I'm all fluttery, which is so goofy! Have to admit - I'm not much of a sock person. I just don't wear them much, and when I do it's for gardening. This may be a Southern thing - we do barefeet a lot. I see you're from CT, so maybe that's the difference... :) Thanks for stopping by!

  • Jennifer

    A finished picture of Reduce Reuse Recycle is on my blog! (The May 11 post.) It was a surprisingly quick knit, and since my coworkers have unloaded some of their bags on me I think I'll make another...

  • KT

    Thanks for letting me know, Jennifer. It looks great - you even did the stripes! KT

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