Cotton Washcloths

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So here are two cotton washcloths that I made using yarn left over from two other projects (one of which is a way cool bib that I'll post as soon as I get the buttons on). They are made with Bernat Handicrafter Cotton, but any worsted-weight cotton will do.

If you love handknit cotton washcloths, and really, who doesn't, but are tired of making the diamond-shaped ones, these are a fun alternative. They're even easier - no fooling around with increases and decreases, here, just two simple stitch patterns. And they're totally reversible!

Materials: approx. 1.2 oz worsted weight cotton each (examples use Bernat Handicrafter Cotton; possibly "Summer Splash" colorway
US size 7 knitting needles
darning needle (for weaving in ends)

Pattern 1: Mistake Rib Washcloth (top, left)
Cast on 39 stitches
Pattern: (K2 P2) repeat to last 3 stitches; K2 P1
Repeat this row until cloth is approximately square.
Bind off in pattern.

This pattern gets a lovely ripple effect, but is still rather stretchy like a rib.

Pattern 2: Roman Stitch Washcloth (bottom, right)
Cast on 39 stitches
Row 1: (K1 P1) repeat to last stitch; K1
Row 2: (P1 K1) repeat to last stitch; P1
Rows 3-5: Repeat rows 1 and 2, then repeat row 1 once more.
Row 6: (K1 P1) repeat to last stitch; K1
Row 7: (P1 K1) repeat to last stitch; P1
Rows 8-10: Repeat rows 6 and 7, then repeat row 6 once more.
Repeat these 10 rows until cloth is approximately square; end with row 4 or 9.
Bind off in pattern (using pattern for row 5 or 10).

The astute observer will see that Roman Stitch is just a simple rib pattern where the ribs are shifted over one stitch every five rows. I haven't a clue why it's called Roman Stitch, sorry!

At my gauge, and without stretching, these cloths are approximately 7 inches before washing. They will pull in a bit on washing/drying, as cotton is wont to shrink. I love cotton washcloths - so absorbent! so soft! All I use now!


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