Boucle Hat & Collar

Tuesday, May 15, 2007
I found this very bright mohair-acrylic-nylon blend Lion Boucle online very cheap, and was called to make a hat and scarf set. The hat takes just over one skein; the collar takes under one skein. Both are sized for a woman's small to medium head and neck.

Boucle Hat:
2 skeins Lion Boucle (Hard Candies) 57yds, 70grams per skein
2 sets US 10 (6mm) circular needles (or one set double points; I do the two circular needles thing for knitting in the round)
stitch marker, darning needle

Gauge: approx. 10 stitches to 3".

Cast on 60 stitches
Place marker and join, being careful not to twist stitches.
Pattern Round: (K10 P10) three times.
Continue in pattern until hat is 5 inches long.
Decrease rounds:
(K1 SSK K4 K2Tog K1 P1 SSP P4 P2Tog P1) three times (48 stitches)
(K8 P8) three times.
(K1 SSK K2 K2Tog K1 P1 SSP P2 P2Tog P1) three times (36 stitches)
(K6 P6) three times.
(K1 SSK K2Tog K1 P1 SSP P2Tog P1) three times (24 stitches)
(K4 P4) three times.
(SSK K2Tog SSP P2Tog) three times (12 stitches)
(K2 P2) three times.
K2Tog six times (6 stitches)
Break yarn, leaving a long tail. Thread tail through stitches and drop them off the needles. Secure tail to inside of hat. Weave in ends.

Boucle Collar:
1 skein Lion Boucle (see above).
2 0.75" buttons with shanks
US 13 needles
darning needle

Gauge: approx. 13 stitches to 4" in garter stitch
Must be loose enough to allow buttons to fit through easily but not slip out.

Cast on 15 stitches.
Knit all stitches for 17 inches.
Decrease to point: On right side rows, SSK K to last 2 sts K2Tog.
Knit wrong side rows.
When two stitches remain, BO stitches and weave in ends.
Attach buttons on blunt end 2inches and 4inches from end; centered vertically.

Yes, that is me in the photo. I don't usually look this goofy, but note that it was 87F (hot!), I'm allergic to wool so was exceedingly itchy, and my daughter had just dropped her popsicle on my foot.


  • gemma

    I came from your reduce, reuse, recycle pattern, just so you know. cute hat and neck warmer. Wanted something catchy for about 100mgs of yarn. Thanks, Gemma

  • KT

    Thanks, Gemma! One of the things I love about this hat is that it is truly reversible - because of the knit/purl panels and the way the decreases are done, it looks almost identical (except for the very last row) on both sides. Somehow that just makes me happy. ;) KT

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