Four Garter Stitch Scarves

Monday, April 09, 2007
I'm finally getting around to posting the year to date Knit from Your Stash things - all scarves, naturally - and will be putting up separate entries for the interesting ones. There are a bunch that are just garter stitch novelty yarn excitement, but a few are actually kindof cool. This post is the four that are simple K only... I guess the moral here is that garter stitch scarves can still show a lot of variation - dependent on the yarn that you use.

I can't actually remember what the yarns were for the first one. It's a partial skein of Lion Chenille Thick & Quick combined with one skein of a carrying yarn of some novelty type. The carrying yarn was essentially a thread with bits poking off. A friend gave it to me, and I couldn't figure what to do with it other than to combine with something big and fluffy. The scarf is long and skinny - 2.5 inches by 54 inches (4.5 feet), with 6 stitches cast onto US 13 needles.

This scarf uses one skein of Bernat Boa and US 13 needles. It's 2 inches wide, 5 feet long. Cast on 10 stitches and knit away!

This is not a scarf with which I'm particularly happy. I think I'd rather have carried the Boa with a sport-weight "smooth" yarn to give the finished scarf a bit more body. This is not a warm scarf - but very silky, light, and stretchy!

Here we have one skein of Patons Cha Cha carried with a partial skein of Red Heart Supersaver. I have to admit, the Cha Cha makes the Supersaver really soft - so for all of you who bought a bunch of the acrylic when you were first getting started but don't know what to do with it now, I recommend pairing with an eyelash (I particularly like Cha Cha because the lashes are curly) to give it some softness. This was done on US 10 needles, 13 stitches. Finished size is approximately 4 inches by 50 inches (just over 4 feet).

Last of these is my favorite: two skeins of Berocco Vibe, a wool/nylon blend. For once they got the pair right - the nylon is the black, and it's actually connected to the slubby hot pink wool. How can you go wrong with hot pink wool? This is a very loose knit, with 11 stitches cast onto US 15 needles. Finished size is 4 inches by 65 inches (5.5 feet).


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