Christmas Knitting

Friday, December 29, 2006
It's been a while since I posted last... mainly b/c I've been madly knitting things for Christmas and new babies. Here's the count:

  1. Hat for half-sister-in-law (my design, using Jiffy)
  2. Hat for " " husband (my design, some stash yarn)
  3. Sweater for 1.5 YO nephew (Haiku, Bernat handicrafter cotton)
  4. Fingerless gloves for MIL (Fetching, Cashmere blend)
  5. Fisherman's scarf for BIL (my design, Wool-ease)
  6. Socks for SIL (from book, Wool-ease)
  7. Hat for friend (my design, Sari silk & homespun)
  8. Hat for college roomie (my design, Sari silk & homespun)
  9. Hat for " " husband (my design, homespun)
  10. Felted bowl for the Covats (my design, Lion wool)
  11. Necklace for Mom (my design, wire and beads)
  12. Poncho, hat, felted bag for daughter (my design, Patons wool and some furry thing)
  13. Stocking for Hubby (my design, Patons wool, yet to be felted down)
  14. 1/2 baby blanket for old friend's baby #1 (my design, some acrylic, I think)
  15. 3 washcloths & hat for (different) old friend's baby #2 (my design, cotton)

Of course, I don't have pictures of any of these - possibly I can get the receivers to send along a photo to post...

In addition I did a little extra knitting of scarves to sell at the library's craft sale. All of them went for $15 apiece, shock of shocks, and I have an order to make a custom one, once the woman gets me her skeins. I had actually hoped to get some more stuff made for friends and my brother and SIL, but that didn't happen. I'm amazed I can type, my fingers should be falling off!

In other news, I discovered the "Knit from Your Stash" concept at Wendy Knits! and am totally hooked (or needled, as it were). I bought my last crop of yarn online a few hours ago (mainly random stuff for scarves & baby blankets), and am ready to work on my stash. This is mildly ironic, given that I just bought a new stacking drawer system (plastic) to manage the "collection", but then again, now I actually know what I have! I'm rather excited about this, actually...

Will try to be better about posting photos, patterns, etc. My latest projects have been working with short skeins of novelty yarn to make hat brims, then using normal yarn to make the cap. They are kindof cool, and maybe sometime I'll take the time to write down the pattern. The latest one uses Pooch and Patons Wool (both from my stash! go me!).


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