ASIST III Auction Knitting

Saturday, November 04, 2006
These are the items (not the lamp) that I'm taking to the III Auction for ASIST. They are (in no real order):
Sideways seed stitch scarf
Recycled sari silk bag
Felted flap bag
Felted trapezoid bag
Pink arrow lace scarf
Yellow and green hat and scarf
Pink Moebius strip scarf

I'm hoping to post the patterns for these over the next few days, just for fun.


  • KnitTer

    Posted for my friend Caryn:

    Hey KT,

    Just wanted to thank you for your contribution of all these fabulous
    items for the InfoShare Silent Auction. They were a huge hit and helped SIG-III (International Information Issues) raise over one thousand dollars to support memberships for our information science colleagues in developing countries.

    You are such an inspiration - and so entertaining and fun too.



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