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Sunday, November 05, 2006
I've been in Austin for two days now, attending preconference sessions to ASIST2006. I have to say, people in Austin are very nice, if a bit odd (the slogan is, of course, "Keep Austin Weird"). We saw two unicyclists yesterday during lunch! I got to the farmer's market (small, and I wish I had a way to cook squash out here, since it's clearly not squash season back home), the Mexic-Arte Museum (small, very powerful exhibit on Dia de los Muertos altars, $5), and wandering around 6th Street.

As for the two preconference "workshops" themselves, one I was the program chair for, and the other was run by a friend, so I'm not sure how objective I can be.

DASER (that would be the one I was chair for) was, for all intents and purposes, a big hit. Actually, the biggest complaint was that the evaluation forms weren't appropriate for our session. People really liked that we left a lot of time for conversation among attendees. I just wish there were MORE attendees - at 25 or so paying customers we just barely broke even considering lunch and room fees - but am not sure what we could have done to up that enrollment. I really hope some of our bigger names who spoke - like Fred Heath, Michael Leach, and Martha Bedard - weren't upset that they didn't have a bigger venue.

The session today (Saturday), called Blogs and Wikis for Conference Communication (or some such), was overall interesting but really long. It was organized by a friend, so I don't want to knock it totally (and I did find it good, I promise), but I think it could have done with fewer speakers and more hands-on time. Might have been nice, since we did have the wireless connections, to play with a dummy wiki and blog... Anyhoo, I'm now paranoid about spam and such. Not that this wee blog is worth spamming....


  • Stephen Francoeur

    Hey, KT, thanks for your post! I agree that the blogs and wikis workshop might have benefitted from some hands-on time. Hope you don't mind if I add the Technorati tag for ASIST2006 to my comment, so Technorati users can find this post.--Stephen Francoeur

  • KnitTer

    Thanks for doing so, Stephen. I hadn't even heard of Technorati before, and I haven't yet figured out how to add the tags, but I'll get there eventually!

  • Stephen Francoeur

    No problem. To add a Technorati tag, all you are doing is creating a hyperlink in your blog post. The lable for the link (what the user sees) should be the official or recommended tag (in this case, ASIST2006) and the URL that the link points to always looks like this:[here you would type in the official tag you want to include]. So the URL for the ASIST2006 tag is

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