Flip & Jiffy Hat & Scarf Ensemble

Sunday, November 05, 2006

This hat & scarf combo were created during a massive car trip for my sister in law's wedding. The hat is relatively short - it may not cover the ears - and is sized for a woman's small/child's large head. It uses all of the skein of Jiffy and most of the skein of Flip. If anyone has a use for about 3 yards of Flip, let me know.

Materials: 1 skein Moda Dea Flip
1 skein Jiffy
US 10 (6.0mm) needles, 2 sets (16" and 24")
6 stitch markers; 1 red, 5 blue (or your choice, as long as they are different)

Using Flip, CO 8 sts
Knit all rows, 20"
Bind off all stitches.
Sew seam invisibly.
Using Flip, pick up 60 sts circularly.
Switch to Jiffy, place red marker, & join.
Rounds 1-17: Knit
Round 18: Knit 10 sts, place blue marker. Repeat until end of round.
Round 19-33 (odd rows): Knit to 2 before marker, K2Tog. Repeat until end of round.
Round 20-34 (even rows): Knit.
Round 35: K2 Tog 6 times.
Break yarn, leaving long tail. Thread yarn through remaining stitches and secure to inside of hat.

Note on the hat: Use the 24" needles until too long for decreases, then add in the 16" needles. I love the "two circulars" method for knitting in the round, a la "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles."
Using remainder of Jiffy from hat, CO 14 sts.
Rightward lean:
Row 1: K2 (P2 K2) repeat to end
Row 2: K1 (P2 K2) repeat to last st, P1
Row 3: P2 (K2 P2) repeat to end
Row 4: P1 (K2 P2) repeat to last st, K1
Work these four rows for 4inches (10cm).

Leftward lean:
Row 1: P2 (K2 P2) repeat to end.
Row 2: K1 (P2 K2) repeat to last st, P1.
Row 3: K2 (P2 K2) repeat to end.
Row 4: P1 (K2 P2) repeat to last st, K1.
Work these four rows for 4inches (10cm).

Continue working the two leaning sections until yarn is nearly exhausted. 
Bind off in pattern.
Using remainder of Flip from hat, sc along all four sides of scarf.
Weave in ends.

Copyright 2006


  • Caitlin DeTine

    I'm knitting your scarf, and I was wondering at approximately which row (or which 4-row repeat) the chevron switches directions. I'm getting a little nervous because so far it just seems like a diagonal pattern and not a chevron.

  • knit wit KT - problem - similar to caitlin deTine - can't seem to get the chevrol to turn to make the chevron - i carefully follow the four lines of the scarf pattern butno turn - help me thanks lbuffo@sfcn.org

  • KT

    Sorry about that, both of you! I've fixed the error in the version now posted.

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