Certified Knitting on Halloween

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
So I'm sitting here blogging while answering the door for Halloween. So far we've given out more than eight bags of candy, and things have only just slowed down. It's kindof sad that the only time I'm willing to devote to blogging is while I'm waiting to do something else... all other time is already spoken for (work, family, knitting). Sigh.

The exciting news is that last week I had my interview with my knitting mentor/evaluator. I am happy to report that, assuming CYCA approves the rest of my forms, I am now a Certified Knitting Teacher (CYCA CIP Level 2). I have to admit that the second level actually tested my skills - so much more than the first level - and that now I am at least reasonably adept at four types of colorwork, four types of buttonholes, and four types of joins/seams. AND I got my certificate and pin for the first level in the mail last week! Woo hoo!

The really cool thing was that I designed my first sweater from scratch - and it not only fits the toddler for whom it was designed, it looks way cool too! I may manage to upload both a photo and the pattern here later on.

In further news, I'll be blogging from the ASIS&T conference this weekend and next week. I've made a bunch of stuff for the SIG III auction, so maybe I'll get some publicity for this blog and will actually have readers. Six one way, half a dozen the other. It's kinda nice journalling again...


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